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Use This IKEA Lampshade Hack To Create A DIY Decorative Side Table
IKEA is full of affordable furniture and fun décor, and with this hack, you can turn a piece of décor like a lampshade into a versatile piece of furniture.
Creator @no7.design used two IKEA MYRHULT lampshades and a SNUDDA lazy Susan to create a geometric side table all for around $60.
Place your first lampshade on the ground, and apply a layer of glue like E6000 or hot glue along the rim of it before placing the other lampshade upside down on top.
Let the glue dry and then place the lazy Susan on top to act as a tabletop. You can make the project your own by using different lampshades, just make sure they’re the same size.
With just a few minutes of work and a few hours of drying time, you have a brand-new side table, that requires no tools to assemble, making it perfect for beginners.