An adult crane fly on a stem
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Use This Kitchen Ingredient To Keep Crane Flies Away From Your Lawn
Adult crane flies are completely harmless, but their larvae can wreak havoc on your garden. Luckily, you can keep these pests from destroying your garden with garlic.
Crane fly larvae, or leatherjackets, can’t be killed with chemicals and typically must be treated with nematodes, a type of roundworm; however, garlic seems to deter them.
The best thing about using garlic to keep crane flies away is that it is an environmentally safe method that doesn’t damage your lawn, and it is safe for kids and pets.
There are various ways to use garlic, such as crushing several fresh garlic cloves and spreading them around areas of suspected problems or known infestations.
One of the best ways is to chop fresh garlic in small pieces and mix them with water in a garden sprayer as an organic insect repellent used throughout your garden and lawn.