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Use This Kitchen Ingredient To Send Coyotes Running From Your Yard
Coyotes seem to have adapted to life among humans, posing a potential threat to pets and small children. Pest control experts recommend using white vinegar to keep coyotes at bay.
Standard white vinegar is repellent to the coyote’s sensitive nose, due to the strong odor it emits, and can help mask the scent they leave behind when marking their territory.
One way to use vinegar is to mix it with equal parts water and spray it in areas where you’ve seen coyotes entering your lawn and around potential food sources, like trash cans.
Make sure to spray it on cement surfaces or fencing around your property, as it can harm grass and other plants. Remember to refresh the scent after rain to keep it pungent.
You can also put vinegar in small jars, buckets, or bowls and place them around the perimeter of the yard, or position vinegar-soaked rags where coyotes will run across them.
Buying large jugs of vinegar is an economical choice as a coyote repellent that will also work to keep other critters like raccoons, skunks, and possums out of your yard.