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Use This Simple IKEA Hack To Create A Stunning Herb Garden
If gardening space outside your home is limited, use IKEA planters to build a beautiful herb garden into your home's walls, saving space and giving your home an aesthetic appeal.
First, get IKEA's HASTABANA (plastic) planters if available, or ÄPPELROS (galvanized steel) if not, then gather a power drill, mounting wall screws, and other gardening supplies.
Instagram's @ikeahack also uses iron letters to spell out "HERBS," copper labels, and a waterproof white paint pen to identify each herb plant, but they're optional.
Drill three or four ½-inch drainage holes in the bottom of the planters to prevent root rot, and two holes on one of the IKEA planter's flat sides to mount the planter to the wall.
Using the drill, create pilot holes in the wall before mounting your IKEA planter boxes with these holes, ensuring they are level. Finally, plant your herbs as usual.