Fluted dresser made from IKEA dresser
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Use This Simple IKEA Hack To DIY A Trendy Fluted Dresser For Less
Fluted, reeded, or tambour furniture features indented millwork that has the appearance of pleats and can cost thousands when bought from brands like Arhaus.
However, per TikTok, you can make fluted dressers for between $700 and $800 and save even more if you already have the tools, buy a used dresser, or use one you own.
You'll need something similar to the IKEA HEMNES 8-drawer dresser, which costs $400, and some fluted wood paneling, which costs around $20 to $40 per piece, depending on the size.
Measure and cut your fluting to fit on top of the drawers in a seamless pattern from top to bottom. For reference, a HEMNES dresser will use about seven 3-inch by 94.5-inch panels.
Use wood glue and clamps to stick the panels to the front of your drawer, lining them up in straight rows from top to bottom. Nail panels to the edges and fill with wood filler.
Cover any seams with paintable caulk, use some furniture paint to add color, and sand your dresser for a finishing touch. Let everything dry completely before adding drawer pulls.