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Use This Simple Panel Upgrade To Customize Your Kitchen Cabinets
End panels go over the sides, base, or any exposed side of cabinets to give them a high-end look. With this hack, you can easily create shaker-style end panels from cabinet doors.
TikToker @randomdiyguy suggests getting cabinet doors that fit the width of the cabinet's sides. You can get a custom-sized shaker cabinet door for around $19 at The Home Depot.
You can then paint the doors to match your cabinets. Drill four pilot holes into the sides of your cabinets and mark where you want to add the door using painter's tape.
Place double-sided tape on the door's back and press it onto the side of the cabinet marked with tape. From the cabinet's inside, screw the door using holes made in the first step.
Use screws that are long enough to secure the door to the cabinet but short enough that they won't poke through your door. For tiered cabinets, use multiple cabinet doors.