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To Flush A
Toilet Without Running Water
Without any running water serving your home, you can still flush your toilet by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl or the tank. Here’s how you can accomplish this hack.
When your water isn't running, you need to simulate the toilet’s flushing action. Fill a bucket with water — a 1-gallon bucket is large enough to achieve this flushing hack.
Start by pouring the liquid slowly from the bucket into the toilet bowl. Once you start pouring and you're sure you're not going to create large splashes, pour the remaining liquid quickly.
This sudden addition of water into the bowl forces the existing water through the trap and into the drain pipe, simulating the flushing action when you press the handle.
If you prefer to flush your toilet more normally versus dumping water into the bowl and risking a big mess from splashes, you can use your 1-gallon bucket to fill the tank.
Before flushing, take the lid off the tank of the toilet and check the water level. If it's low, pour water from the bucket inside the tank until it reaches the normal fill line.
The normal fill line in the tank is within about 1 inch of the top of the overflow tube, which is a hollow tube usually near the middle of the toilet.
With the tank filled, you can depress the handle, which should flush the toilet like normal. You'll need to refill the tank from the bucket again the next time you want to flush.