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Use This Unexpected Garden Staple As A Planter For Healthier Tomatoes
Instead of plastic containers, use fabric grow bags for tomatoes, as they provide benefits like portability and easy access and help tomatoes grow healthy root systems.
Tomatoes need at least six hours of direct sun to be healthy and productive. Planting them in grow bags helps you easily move them to sunnier locations or closer to grow lights.
When you plant tomatoes in a grow bag — with one plant per bag — they are easier to manage. You can easily turn the bag around and access every portion of the plant.
The bags allow for air pruning, as roots grow through the bag but stop once they're exposed to oxygen outside the bag. Dead roots encourage the plant to develop even
more roots.
The plants then absorb water and nutrients more evenly, resulting in healthier growth. However, only plant determinate varieties of tomatoes since those won't grow into long vines.