Old cabinets needing refinishing
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Use This Unique Type
Of Stain To Refresh Your Dated Kitchen Cabinets
TikTok has a simple solution to rejuvenate dull or outdated wood kitchen cabinets: Upscale them without much preparation and work using gel stain in a shade that suits your decor.
Gel stain has the same coloring ability as a regular stain, but it’s easier to work with, needs less sanding and prep before use, and works even on wood veneer and other surfaces.
Applying a gel stain is easier than a liquid stain, as it overlays the wood rather than penetrating it, changing the color without obscuring the wood’s pattern and texture.
To gel stain your cabinets, remove them from their hinges and detach any hardware. Clean the whole cabinet door thoroughly, sand lightly, then apply the gel stain with a brush.
Let the door dry for 8-24 hours between coats and before reattaching them. Add a clear polyurethane top coat to protect your finish if the cabinets see a lot of moisture or wear.
Gel stains can be slightly more expensive than regular wood stains, but the benefits to change, darken, or deepen the tone of most finishes with ease outweigh the extra cost.