Person disappearing into a messy, packed closet
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Use TikTok's 3 Second Rule To Organize Your Home With Ease
Periodic decluttering can’t be avoided, but professional organizer and clutter expert Kayleen Kelly has a way to make it more efficient with her fun three-second rule on TikTok.
With this rule, you must decide within three seconds if you’re going to keep an item or donate it, and you can rethink any items you’re unsure about after the main sorting is done.
This method lets you focus on items you’re ready to get rid of without overthinking things, and you can reconsider letting go of sentimental or useful items, which you may regret.
Do only one room at a time so the job is less overwhelming. First, remove anything that doesn't belong there, like any exercise equipment, trash, or dirty dishes in your bedroom.
Take all clothing out of the closet and organize it into piles of the same type. Starting with the least sentimental items, decide in three seconds if it will be kept or discarded.
Once you’re done, if you feel you haven't taken out enough, go through your clothes again and remove more items. Finally, organize your closet neatly and move on to the next room.