Person holding a door handle.
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Use TikTok's Cardboard Box Hack To Easily Spray Paint Doorknobs
An outdated doorknob that needs replacement or a newer one that doesn't quite match the rest of the home's hardware can significantly diminish the overall aesthetic of a space.
Luckily, there’s a simple TikTok hack you can use to paint your existing doorknob without going through the hassle of removing the handle to avoid painting the door.
To use this hack yourself, all you're going to need is some painter's tape, a cardboard box, a knife or box cutter, and, of course, your spray paint of choice.
In her TikTok, begins by carefully taping off her door handle. If your handle has sharp corners, use shorter pieces of tape to ensure there are no gaps.
If you're dealing with a rounder shape, it can be a good idea to leave a bit of tape on the door handle itself so you can trim it away for a more precise finish.
The TikTok user creates a small hole in the bottom of a cardboard box, slightly larger than the area she intends to paint, and inserts the door handle through it.
This setup ensures that any excess paint will end up on the tape or the cardboard instead of the door. The shape of the box also allows her to spray all sides of the doorknob.