Kitchen cabinets with space on top
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Use TikTok's Wood DIY To Fill The Top Of Your Kitchen Cabinets With More Storage
The gap above kitchen cabinets can be an unsightly and impractical space that collects dust. To address this issue, TikTok user @buildbasic extends her cabinets for more storage.
Measure the gap between the top of your existing kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. This will guide you in constructing plywood boxes that will sit atop your current cabinets.
If your cabinets already have molding, remove it before measuring. You can reattach it later once you've fitted your DIY boxes, but make sure you leave adequate space for it.
Place all the DIY boxes on top of the shelf and add the cabinet molding. For the doors, the TikTok user recommends ordering new doors from Fast Cabinet Doors.
She was able to find ones that matched her current cabinets' style for only $25 each. However, the doors she bought didn't come with glass, so it had to be installed.
Once these are all attached, paint the DIY cabinets and existing ones the same color. You can also use peel-and-stick molding ($7 on Amazon) to achieve a grid look to the glass.