A glass cooktop stove
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Use Toothpaste To Banish Unsightly Scratches From Your Glass Cooktop
One drawback of glass cooktop stoves is that they get scratched pretty easily. However, some toothpaste and a soft cloth, ideally a lint-free microfiber, can get the scratches off.
Don't use any old or gel-based pastes. The absolute best type you can use is a white toothpaste containing baking soda, which is only slightly abrasive and perfect for this job.
To start, prep the cooktop by cleaning its surface, ensuring it’s free of caked-on food or oil residue. Also, ensure that the stove is turned off and completely cool.
Squeeze a nickel-sized drop of toothpaste onto the scratches and buff it with the cloth, lightly rubbing the paste in for two minutes. Wipe any residue away and reapply if needed.
Lastly, wipe off all the toothpaste with a clean cloth or moist sponge. Avoid using paper towels, as the wood pulp they contain can further add to the scratches.