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Use Two House Staples To Remove Dried Paint From Hardwood Floors
Paint projects often lead to accidental paint drips on floors that may go unnoticed until after they're dry, but these can still be removed with rubbing alcohol and lemon juice.
First, you need to see if you’re dealing with water or oil-based paint. If a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol can lift the paint, it’s water-based and if not, it’s oil-based.
Oil-based paint will likely need something stronger like a
heat gun. If it’s water-based, rubbing alcohol and lemon juice will work, but make sure to put on a mask for the fumes.
Start by using a putty knife or scraper to get as much paint off as possible without harming the hardwood. Next, try removing it with just rubbing alcohol on a rag or sponge.
If that doesn’t work, mix a three to one ratio of the alcohol and lemon juice. Dip a cloth in it and place it on the paint for about five minutes before rubbing it on the paint.
If it still doesn’t remove the paint, dip a toothbrush in the solution to scrub it. Finally, wipe down the area with a damp rag before rubbing your floor with a microfiber cloth.