Cabbage leaves eaten by pests
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Use Two Pantry Ingredients To Banish Cabbage Worms From Your Garden
Cabbage worms can wreak havoc on your vegetable garden if left undisturbed; luckily, there’s a simple yet organic way to eliminate them using two common pantry ingredients.
Get a large bowl or container and mix one part salt and two parts flour for a chemical-free solution to your cabbage pest problem.
Use rye flour, all-purpose flour, or cornmeal for the best result. You can also add some diatomaceous earth to the mix for good measure.
After the morning dew has formed or after you water your vegetable garden, dust the flour and salt mixture on top of your cabbages.
The flour and cornmeal will expand inside the cabbage worms’ bellies, causing them to bloat, while the salt dehydrates them from the inside out, eventually killing them.
You can also use this mixture on your other plants, like cauliflower, turnips, and beets, to protect them from these pests.