Ants biting plant leaves
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Use Two Pantry Ingredients To Keep Pesky Ants Off Your Plants
You can repel and kill ants that are damaging plants in your garden by using two pantry staples — baking soda and powdered sugar. A mixture of these two can kill an entire colony.
Baking soda and powdered sugar are both white and have a very fine consistency, making it easy to mix them together and lure the ants that are wreaking havoc on your plants.
Creating the mixture is simple — just mix baking soda and powdered sugar together in equal parts. Spread the mixture around any ant hills in your garden that you want to eliminate.
You can also place some of this mixture in areas of your garden where you are seeing active movement from ants.
Baking soda is poisonous for ants to ingest, and when you mix it with powdered sugar — a beloved source of food — they will collect both powders and take them back to their nest.