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Use Vinegar To Melt Ice In A Pinch This Winter
In the face of icy driveways, a resourceful solution to prevent the treacherous surface from becoming a hazard is distilled white vinegar that has been diluted with hot water.
To use this hack, heat water and mix it with an equal amount of white vinegar, then pour the solution onto the driveway. This will allow you to easily break and clear away the ice.
For the best results, sweep the excess water off your driveway with a push broom, directing it towards the street to prevent refreezing. Repeat the process until the ice
is gone.
Although this method may require more time than using rock salt, it's much safer for children, pets, and vegetation and can be the perfect
de-icer in regions with
milder winters.
Remember to dilute the vinegar to protect your driveway's sealant. Also, dispose of the slush onto the street, not over your plants, as vinegar can harm your grass and landscaping.