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Useful Tips That Make Reviving A Dying Basil Plant Easier Than Ever
Water Less
If overwatered, remove damaged leaves and push mulch away. If the ground's soggy even after a few days, poke holes to loosen the soil, or try replanting or repotting.
More Sunlight
Basil can survive in temperatures up to 90 degrees F and up to 12 hours of sunlight, so relocate them if their location is too dim, sweltering, or windy.
Add Nitrogen
Add nitrogen fertilizer or well-decomposed manure or compost to ensure that a basil's green color returns as the leaves become more robust and healthy.
More Moisture
Water outdoor basil every one to three days, soaking the ground. Move indoor basil to a less sunny location, giving enough water to drip out the drainage holes.
Prune More Often
Remove dead and wilted leaves and prune the plants every two weeks during the growing season to redirect the energy toward producing new, healthy leaves.