Water the small cactus planted on a glass-floored workbench to keep it hydrated when working with light and shadow when the floor is wet with a reflection.
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Useful Tips To Bring Your Dying Cactus Back To Life
Dying cacti can be brought back to life by mimicking their natural conditions. Make sure it hasn't been over or under-watered, has ample sunlight, and is in well-draining soil.
Overwatering your cactus or using slow-draining soil can lead to root rot, which will cause your cactus to droop and develop yellow, brown, or black discoloration.
On the other hand, under-watering will make your cactus shrink. Cold temperatures and damp soil can make your cactus droop, and sudden exposure to intense sunlight will burn it.
Rotting from the top down can be caused by fungus, disease, or water entering an open wound on the plant. All the rot must be pruned off to prevent it from spreading any further.
If you notice your cactus is wilting, check the roots to make sure they're slightly moist. If it's wilting but not yet dying, place it in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight.
Repotting your dying cactus can revive it effectively. If roots are growing out of the bottom of the pot, this is a telltale sign that your cactus needs transplanting right away.