Sunny beautiful day, yellow dandelions in the green grass.
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To Prevent Dandelions From Sprouting In Your Garden
Dandelions will return to your yard every year if preventative measures aren't taken to ensure your grass is strong and healthy.
Dandelions love direct sunlight, so mowing your grass at the tallest height option on your mower will shade your soil and keep the weeds from getting as many nutrients.
Leaving the clippings after mowing and spreading grass seeds will aid in fertilizing the lawn, help it grow better,
fill in spotty patches, and impede the growth of weeds.
Dandelions thrive in soil with
a somewhat basic pH level, while grass prefers more acidic, so testing and adjusting the acidity of your soil can help thwart dandelion growth.
Spraying a pre-emergent herbicide on the grass near the end of winter will also stop dandelions from sprouting, although it can be harmful to good insects.