Miami, USA - February 15, 2015: Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol bottle.
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Using Rubbing Alcohol To Clean This Area Could Be A Big Mistake
Rubbing alcohol, a diluted form of isopropyl alcohol, is a versatile cleaning solution but must be used with caution due to its toxicity
and flammability.
Never use rubbing alcohol in your kitchen when the stovetop is on or the oven is hot, as isopropyl alcohol’s flammable nature makes it dangerous near flame and
heat sources.
Keep rubbing alcohol away from bleach or areas recently cleaned with bleach to prevent the formation of toxic chloroform, which can harm your eyes, lungs, and liver.
Ensure proper ventilation when using rubbing alcohol, especially with higher isopropyl alcohol concentrations. Open windows, turn on vents or fans, and keep doors open
for safety.