Slugs perched on a plant
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Using This Garden Bed Material May Result In A Major Slug Problem
Wooden garden beds, a popular choice among gardeners due to their natural look and flexibility in design, also have a tendency to attract slugs, which are notorious garden pests.
Slugs are drawn to the cool, moist environment that wood provides. During the day, these pests find refuge in wooden garden beds, especially around the
edges underneath.
When night falls, these slimy creatures come out to feed on the plants within the raised bed, posing a threat to both the garden and
future harvests.
Furthermore, the organic nature of wood means it's prone to rot when exposed to moisture. Over time, this decomposition can make the wooden beds even more appealing to slugs.
The issue persists even with the use of pressure-treated or rot-resistant wood, as constant contact with damp soil and weather conditions leads to inevitable deterioration.