Close-up of hanging eggplant
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Vegetables That Are Perfect To Grow In An Upside-Down Garden
Small types of tomatoes, like grape or cherry, can grow upside down. Hang in a bright area with eight hours of direct sunlight, watering when the top inch of soil is dry.
Mini cucumbers grow great in inverted gardens. Large varieties can also work, but you'll have to harvest them while they are still small to avoid damaging the plant.
Thin, elongated varieties like Asian eggplants fare better than rounded types in an inverted garden. Hang under full sun and use nutrient-rich, evenly-watered, moist soil.
Hanging bean plants will help the soil remain well-drained and negates the need for a trellis. Although they can grow in partial shade, full sun yields a better harvest.
An inverted garden works well for any variety of pepper. Hang the plant in areas with up to 8 hours of direct light, use nutrient-rich soil, and water 1 to 2 inches a week.