Display of vinyl record albums on a record store wall and in storage crates
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Visit Your Local Dollar Tree For Ideal Vinyl Record Storage & Display
Upgrade your living space by transforming your vinyl collection into unique wall art with Dollar Tree mini self-adhesive hooks.
First, plan where you want your display and then calculate how many hooks you need. To achieve the desired effect, it's best to use three hooks per vinyl.
Take some blue painter's tape and place a piece in a straight line where you want your hooks to sit. Note this down using a tape measure and test it by using your record.
Now, you can adhere them to your wall using the adhesive backing. Place two supporting hooks at the bottom and one above to hold your vinyl in place, similar to a triangle shape.
Repeat this process using three hooks per album along your wall until you have enough support for your entire display. When they are all secure, carefully remove the tape.
Slide each record into place, ensuring you don't pull the supports off. If any of them look uneven, readjust the supports until you're happy with the result.