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Ways To Prevent Dust Bunnies From Piling Up In Your Home
Dust bunnies can be an unsightly accumulation of anything from dirt, to lint, or pet hairs. Here are a few ways to stop these pesky bundles of killjoys from forming in your home.
When air filters aren't cleaned regularly, they stop catching the pieces as they snowball, which leads to dust bunnies forming. Clean out your air filters on a consistent basis.
Although they make a surface appear cleaner,
avoid using dry cloths when cleaning because they actually move dust around instead of removing dust, leaving it to settle and collect.
Moisture stops static electricity from building,
so there won't be enough
of a charge to hold dust together. Set a humidifier at 50% to stop dust bunnies from forming on surfaces.
Gaps in furniture are where dust bunnies form, and they reproduce fast. Don’t leave tight spaces empty so you can mitigate hard-to-clean areas wherever possible.
In the case of the dreaded under-the-bed bunny nests, use a bed skirt to prevent dust buildup from the outset or move furniture around during regular cleans.
A blow dryer can also help remove dust bunnies from under furniture so that they can be easily vacuumed or swept up.