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Ways To Repurpose Aluminum Foil You'd Never Expect
Scour Dishes
A ball of aluminum foil can transform into a scour to scrub off caked-on grease and stuck-on food particles. This hack is great for cast iron or non-coated metal.
Simply crumble an aluminum sheet into a thick ball, then apply some dish soap directly to the DIY buffer before tackling the soiled surface until it's clean.
Replace Tape
When it is time to whip out a fresh can of paint, wrap door handles, faucets, cabinet knobs, and other fixtures with aluminum paper as a stand-in for painter's tape.
It molds perfectly to the object, and once the painting is over, it can be removed in seconds. Plus, it's reusable, so you can keep the painted foil with your other painting tools.
DIY Funnel
You can DIY a funnel with aluminum foil, whether you need to refill a cleaning product spray bottle or water a houseplant. Heavy-duty aluminum works best for this trick.
Roll the sheet at one end into a cone shape, ensuring it overlaps for layers of protection. It's water-resistant and can also be used over and over again for multiple uses.
Sharpen Scissors
Each time you use scissors, micro divots coat the blades and increase the friction, wearing down the edges. Aluminum foil can help remove those imperfections.
To sharpen your shears, take a foot-long sheet of aluminum foil and fold it until it's six layers thick, then cut the metal at least 10 times with the entire length of the blades.
Speed Up Ironing
Add foil underneath the ironing board cover to speed up the ironing process and make your clothes wrinkle-free faster. A heavy-duty foil is better suited for this.
The metal reflects the iron's heat so you can iron both sides of your clothes at once. Just unhook the board cover, wrap the table in foil, reattach the sleeve, and iron as usual.