Smell affects our bodies and minds in fascinating ways, and peppermint essential oil is one that can deeply influence how we’re feeling. Peppermint oil is derived from the leaves of the peppermint plant which is a cross between spearmint and watermint, so it gives a cooling effect with a powerful minty flavor.
This herb has a strong scent, so all you have to do is saturate a cotton ball with peppermint essential oil and swipe it along window sills and door jambs, or pop it in the bottom of a garbage can to keep it from smelling. Not only is peppermint a beautiful herb to grow, but it’s useful for repelling aphids and other bugs.
Peppermint essential oil provides amazing benefits when used in aromatherapy since it can improve your mood, calm nervousness, reduce stress, improve memory, and so much more. You can light a candle or set out a diffuser and the peppermint scent will fill your entire house, creating a calm setting and also helping those who suffer from a variety of ailments.
Peppermint essential oils contain antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that soothe headaches, gastrointestinal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, and even relieve bug bites. This oil has many benefits when combined with other essential oils, such as an arthritis oil blend that helps reduce pain in its users.
You must tread carefully when ingesting essential oils since they can be very concentrated and damage bodily systems. However, the National Institutes of Health believes that peppermint essential oil is safe to ingest in small doses, but you should always check with a doctor first as you may experience side effects.