DIY terrarium lamp made from pickle jar
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We Made DIY Terrarium Lamps With
Old Pickle Jars. Here's How
It Went
You’ll need a large pickle jar, a planting medium suitable for terrariums that have no drainage, small rocks, sphagnum moss, horticultural charcoal, and potting soil.
Then, you’ll need plants that can thrive in a closed terrarium (we used a 4-inch Schefflera and two polka dot plants), and lastly, a lamp kit, a lampshade, and white grow lights.
First, prepare a healthy foundation for your plants by adding a layer of small rocks at the bottom to direct excess water away from plant roots so as to prevent root rot.
Cover that with an inch of sphagnum moss, then add the horticultural charcoal to absorb excess moisture and stem bacteria growth. Lastly, add a layer of peat-based potting soil.
Add your chosen plants and arrange them to fit the jar while taking care not to damage their leaves, then fully cover their root systems with potting soil and tamp it down.
Add about a cup of water — just enough to soak the soil without flooding your terrarium. Next, you can fit a few cute small ornaments into gaps between plants to create interest.