Amazon's squirrel-proof bird-feeder
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We Tried Amazon's Inexpensive Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder. Here's How It Went
As the highest-rated squirrel-proof bird feeder for under $50 on Amazon, we were hopeful this affordable gadget would finally stop those little rascals from stealing our birdseed.
Most squirrel-proof feeders use the fact that squirrels are heavier than birds to restrict access to the birdseed, but at first it wasn’t clear how this bird feeder kept them out.
For under $25, the design and finish of this bird feeder is attractive, and it was easy to install. The birds like the perch and being able to feed from the sides and the platform.
We were disappointed to discover that this feeder only holds bigger seeds like corn, sunflower seeds, red beans, and wheat, limiting the kinds of birds it will attract.
As far as being squirrel-proof, only the latch on top of the lid stops them from getting to the seed inside the feeder; however, they can easily access the seeds on the platform.