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We Tried Shark Tank’s FurZapper For Laundry, And The Results Were Underwhelming
Shark Tank’s FurZapper
The FurZapper, which was introduced on Shark Tank by Harry Levin and Michael Sweigar, is a laundry product that claims to remove pet hair in the washer and dryer.
The FurZapper advertises that it pulls the hair, as well as dander and lint, from the clothes and releases them into the water or dryer vent for speck-free clothing.
Gathering Our Materials
We purchased a two-pack on Amazon for $13 and used Tide Free & Gentle as our detergent. No fabric softener or dryer sheets are needed, as instructed by the FurZapper packaging.
We gathered a pile of clothes with visible cat hair and set our Kenmore washing machine to its regular washing cycle, with warm water, and cleaned out the lint trap in the dryer.
Putting The FurZapper To The Test
After washing the load, we checked the clothes and FurZappers to see
if there was any change. The clothes were still too wet to tell, but the disks were intact and mostly hair-free.
We then dried the clothes with no dryer sheets or other fabric softeners and set the machine to high timed-dry for 50 minutes to let
the FurZappers
do their job.
Our clothing looked much better, but wasn’t hair-free. The Fur-Zappers didn’t have much hair on them, but the lint trap was coated with a lot of cat hair and lint.
Our Honest Opinion
The FurZapper is a wonderful idea, but despite finding quite a bit of debris in the dryer’s trap, the performance of these disks was underwhelming.
In our experiment, we ran a very small load and followed all the instructions but there was still visible cat hair on all of the items, albeit much less.
While the FurZappers sort of worked, they still need some work to be a “magic” product, and pet owners may still have to bring out the lint roller for tougher cases.