Blue broom and dustpan leaning against a wall.
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We Tried The Viral Dollar Tree Dustpan Scraper Hack. Here's How It Went
The popular upright dustpan and broom set with an attached broom comb is pricey on Amazon, but TikTok user @doitonadimeofficial found a way to create the same thing for less.
What You’ll Need
To create your own upright broom-combing dustpan, you’ll need a wide-toothed comb, an upright dustpan, duct tape, and a broom from your local Dollar Tree store.
We had a broom at home, so we picked up a 30-inch dustpan, a comb that was the same color, and some duct tape, each for $1.25 for less than $5.
Trying It Out
We tried taping the corners of our comb to the dustpan, like in the TikTok, but we added a large strip across the top of the pan and the comb to make it more stable.
Once we got the comb secured on the back of the dustpan, it was super simple to put to the test. Using potting soil as our test material, we swept it into the dustpan.
The comb worked better than we expected. Our concern was that it would rip off entirely, but the wide teeth gripped the broom bristles and pulled out the dirt and hair with ease.
Is It Worth The Added Effort?
For the price, we love this Dollar Tree hack, but it is likely a bit more fragile than some of the popular upright broom-combing dustpans on the market.
If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind a little DIY, we encourage you to try this hack. We were pleasantly surprised at how well the broom-combing dustpan held up.