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What A Kitchen Sponge Can Do For Your Fridge's Produce Drawer
Excess humidity in your fridge can cause produce to ripen quicker and eventually spoil. To help prolong your produce’s freshness, toss a kitchen sponge in your produce drawer.
When kitchen sponges are put in produce drawers with a lot of humidity, they’ll soak up the moisture to prevent the fruits and vegetables from spoiling.
You can use up to three sponges, depending on how full the drawer is with produce. Simply line the sponges under the fruits and veggies at the bottom of the drawer.
It’s vital to switch out your sponges every 10 to 15 days, as the absorbed moisture will start to turn the sponges moldy if they stay in the drawers for too long.
Disinfect your sponges by putting them on high for a minute in the microwave. Make sure the sponge is wet before you place it in the microwave as it could catch fire if it's dry.
Leave the sponge to cool before taking it out of the microwave, and you're ready to reuse it for cleaning the counters, washing the dishes, or putting it back in the produce drawer.