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What Aluminum Foil Can Do For Your Windows
People have tried various methods to cool down their homes during heat waves, including using the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s aluminum foil recommendation.
FEMA advised, “Use window reflectors such as aluminum foil-covered cardboard to reflect heat back outside.” This simple trick can help you cool down your home.
You'll need aluminum foil rolls, duct tape, and cardboard boxes. Cut the cardboard to the size of your window, line it with foil with the shiny side out, and fix it with duct tape.
Some suggest setting the reflector between your window glass and the shades or curtains, while others recommend sticking the foil-covered cardboard to the outside of the glass.
Either way, this trick will help keep the heat out and your home cooler. Remember not to cover your windows completely and leave some spaces to allow light to enter the room.