Wooden witch stairs
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What Are Witch Stairs And Why They're Beneficial For Small Spaces
Witch stairs look like typical stair steps split in half and then layered in a staggered pattern, creating a steeper staircase that saves space in small, narrow homes.
According to an old wives' tale, these stairs were created during the Salem witch trials, as they were thought to be able to thwart witches' attempts to climb them.
These stairs are frequently found in New England homes (hence the association with witchcraft), and inventor J.M. Lapeyre patented the alternating tread stair design in 1985.
Witch stairs are specifically designed to optimize all available square footage, making them an ideal choice for tight or compact places where maximizing floor space is crucial.
Witch stairs are frequently found in lofts, attics, or tiny homes where optimization is key. The space underneath them can also be turned into a functional area like a book nook.