Flea latching on a fabric.
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What Cinnamon Oil Can Do To Keep Your Home Flea-Proof
If a flea infestation is tormenting you and your pets, instead of dousing your living spaces with every possible synthetic pesticide, use cinnamon oil to control them.
Cinnamon oil’s potent aroma doesn’t just repel fleas, but it also infiltrates their nervous system, leading them to a paralytic state that culminates in death.
To use the oil against fleas, fill a sprayer about ¾ full with water and add 14 to 20 drops of the cinnamon essential oil. Shake well before spraying the infested areas.
You can also add a few drops of the essential oil to your vacuum cleaner’s filter. While you vacuum, the motor’s heat will help disperse the flea-repelling scent around your home.
Alternatively, drench cotton balls in the cinnamon oil-water mixture and position them in flea-attracting zones. Consistently use these methods as they aren’t a one-time solution.
It is important to note that cinnamon essential oil can prove toxic to your pets. If you fancy a pet-friendly flea repellent, consider using food-grade diatomaceous earth.