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What Coca Cola Can Do For Your Showerhead
With a pH of 2.4, Coca-Cola is just as acidic as lime juice or vinegar, which have a pH of 2. This makes it just as effective in descaling hard water stains on your showerhead.
To do so, unscrew your showerhead, place it in a bag, and pour Coke on it. Close the bag with rubber bands and let it soak for an hour before cleaning it with a toothbrush.
Use the toothbrush to loosen debris around nozzle holes and the collar. Once clean, rinse the showerhead off, reattach it, then run the shower for a moment to remove leftover soda.
For fixed showerheads, place your soda-filled freezer bag around the showerhead, secure it with multiple rubber bands around the pipe, and repeat the process.