Sunny beautiful day, yellow dandelions in the green grass.
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What Dandelions Can Do For Your Lawn
Dandelions have deep and hardy taproot systems that make them annoying to get rid of, but these systems also make them an asset to your lawn.
As their roots dig into the dirt and spread out, dandelions loosen and aerate the soil, which brings more oxygen to other plants' roots and allows more earthworm nutrients.
Its extensive root system protects soil from eroding in harsh weather. The plant’s jagged leaves also shield the soil from the sun, thereby helping to retain the dirt’s moisture.
Dandelions are also full of potassium, iron, magnesium, and calcium. When decomposed, that nutrient-rich matter seeps into the soil and nourishes nearby plants.
Many pollinators, like birds and small wildlife, also feast on the seeds and leaves. This helps them to spread pollen, and contributes to the area's overall biodiversity.
Refraining from using harsh chemicals to kill dandelions protects the animals and insects that feed on them by ensuring they don’t accidentally consume weed killer.