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What David Bromstad Has To Say About Bright Paint Colors
If you have made the decision to paint the interior of your home one bold color, like electric blue, then here’s what HGTV’s color expert David Bromstad wants you to consider.
First, make sure it's a color you will not grow tired of. There’s nothing worse than taking the time to paint and then finding out it grates on your nerves a few months later.
Bromstad also advises decorating your home with neutral furniture. Doing so can help you carefully balance your painting choice so it doesn't become over-stimulating.
"[T]hink natural woods with crisp white or rich cream upholstery," he shares with HGTV. "That will help the blue feel like a backdrop rather than competition for your eye."
Although this will aid in mellowing out the room a touch, the bright color may still be a focal point, so Bromstad’s trick "is to use even more saturated colors as accents."
"Fuchsia pillows, tangerine bowls, and a neon yellow vase or two will make an otherwise potentially crazy shade seem toned down in comparison," he reveals.
Incorporating these tips into your own home might be just the thing to create continuity around the room while treating the eye to more than a one-note wall.