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What Does It Mean If You Have A Self-Cleaning Oven?
Cleaning your oven is often a dreaded chore that is necessary to do for your health and safety, but if you leave it too dirty, you’ll have to use harsh cleaning products that can contaminate your oven. Self-cleaning pyrolytic and steam ovens help to eliminate the use of these products while also making it easier for you.
Pyrolytic ovens heat up to about 800º F, carbonizing dirt and left-on food and turning it to ash, so if you grill or roast a lot of meats and vegetables, this is the best option for you. Steam ovens are used for lighter jobs and have a built-in water canister that heats up and steams the inside of your oven, but they can leave you quite a bit of clean up in the end.
Always check your manufacturer’s guide for instructions on how to operate your oven before cleaning your appliance. With pyrolytic ovens, you’ll need to remove any detachable items from your oven, including knobs and handles that can melt, and schedule your cycle that can range from 2 to 4 hours.
With steam cleaning ovens, pour 1 cup water into the bottom basin and select the steam cleaning option that’ll run about 30 minutes to an hour. Check your manufacturer’s instructions to see if you can add commercial or natural oven cleaners, and once your oven has cooled, use a cloth to wipe away any ash, moisture, or food residue.