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What Does Your Front Door Color Mean?
Red And Orange
Red symbolizes passion and strength, and as a very inviting color, red can signal that guests are welcome in your home. Similarly, orange is a sign of a warm-hearted resident, bringing feelings of fun and creativity, and the brighter an orange door is, the more attention it grabs.
Yellow And Green
Yellow promotes positive feelings, health, and warmth, and those with yellow doors are often optimistic and enthusiastic. If you have a green front door, you’re probably down-to-earth and love helping others as green is associated with prosperity, community, and nature.
Blue is a calm and relaxing color, and if you have a light blue door, you are probably a good friend and listener who prefers a relaxed and casual environment. Those with dark blue doors appreciate more antique or historical details with a calm and organized space.
Pink And Purple
All shades of pink are associated with love and kindness, and those with pink doors have a youthful, energetic personality and a passion for decorating your space. Purple is associated with wealth and royalty, and those with a purple door are most likely confident, outgoing, and creative.
A neutral front door doesn't mean you have a neutral personality — a delicate white door can mean you are a clean and organized person, while a powerful black door is for those who are bold and independent. A grey door is dignified and associated with intelligence and balance.