A person holding up bunches of purple hydrangeas
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What Epsom Salt Can
Do For Your Hydrangea Plants
Watering your hydrangeas with a mixture of water and Epsom salt can help curb yellowing leaves, make them grow bigger and stronger, and even help change their colors.
The salt contains magnesium and sulfate, which are important compounds for any garden. They specifically aid in creating chlorophyll, which helps plants absorb energy from the sun.
Helping hydrangeas in photosynthesis, which is how plants make their food, Epsom salt acts like a super-boosting vitamin that makes the flowers stronger and more vibrant.
The magnesium in Epsom
salt also helps plants absorb more nutrients, leading to more impressive blooms. It will also protect your plants from getting yellowing leaves.
Epsom salt also makes the soil more acidic, which is the type of soil that hydrangeas love. It helps change the color of the blooms, as hydrangeas in acidic soil usually turn blue.