Person preparing to paint wall trim; dipping paint brush in blue paint
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What Freshly Painted Trim Can Do For Your Home
An easy way to add charm to your home is by upgrading your trim work. The great news is that this project is simple enough for beginners and costs only about $40 to $50.
However, choosing the right color for your trim work is crucial. A versatile and popular choice is neutral white, but if you’ve got a daring streak, try a bold, dark hue.
Start by grabbing one angled paint brush; primer; a trio of 80-, 100-, and 120-grit sandpaper; painter's tape; paint; cleaning products; safety gear; and a paint tray.
Use a soapy sponge to clean the greasy sections of the trim before gently sanding the wooden surface with 80-grit sandpaper. Then, step down to a smoother 100- and 120-grit.
Make sure to remove the dust post-sanding, and use caulk for cracks between the trim and walls. Afterward, shield nearby surfaces with a long, continuous barrier of painter's tape.
Coat your trim in a layer of primer and wait 24 hours. If the trim’s surface peers through the makeup, add another primer layer, and once perfect, sand using 120-grit sandpaper.
Use a microfiber cloth to touch up, then stir and pour your paint into the tray. With your brush, weave short and even strokes, smoothing each section with a single, longer stroke.
Repeat until the trim is fully painted. An extra coat or two might be needed, but let each layer dry well before removing the painter's tape while the final coat is still fresh.