Squirrel in the garden
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What Gravel Can Do To Keep Squirrels Out Of Your Garden
Squirrels can tear up your garden when looking for food and hiding what they’ve found. To stop them, use gravel mulch as a protective barrier that discourages them from digging.
You can use regular gravel — the pointy gray rocks used in driveways — or, more ideally, pea gravel or river rock, which are smoother and offer a neutral palette of natural colors.
Start by removing all existing weeds and grass. Then, lay landscape fabric in your garden to prevent seeds from germinating and to add an extra layer of protection from squirrels.
Secure the fabric with landscaping pins. Add about 2 inches of gravel, leaving about 4 inches of space between the mulch and the plant's base to prevent moisture buildup and rot.
Be aware that gravel mulch may not be appropriate for vegetable gardens, as these small rocks will quickly integrate into the soil when you change out your garden each season.