Mushrooms growing at base of tree
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What Growing Mushrooms Say About Your Yard's Health
In some old stories, a ring of mushrooms in your yard is a sign it was visited by magical creatures such as fairies. In reality, there may be other reasons why you’re seeing them.
There are different types of mushrooms that can grow in your yard for different reasons. Some types indicate a problem with your lawn and can pose a health threat to kids and pets.
Other mushrooms are harmless and may even be a good thing for the overall health and integrity of your lawn. How the mushrooms are spreading can help determine the difference.
Fungi can spread through mycorrhizal networks, which connect through the presence of mycelium (root-like fungal threads) and allow them to spread underground to different trees.
Mushrooms can also spread through spores, especially in rainy, windy conditions. If there’s enough shade and organic matter, mushroom patches will likely sprout overnight.
If fungi are spreading through spores and growing from organic matter, that means that your lawn is fertile and healthy, and their presence may boost the quality of the soil.
However, if mushrooms are sprouting on trees or plants, or due to excess moisture, this could be a sign that the plant is dying or your yard is too wet and needs to be aerated.
While individual mushrooms will go away from the heat and dryness of the sun, consider using fungicides or removing them by hand in case they may be harmful.