An aerosol can of hairspray
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What Hairspray Can Do To Keep Your Curtains And Drapes Clean
Hairspray can be used to keep curtains and drapes cleaner for longer periods, as it contains polymers that create a protective, dust-repellent film when applied to the fabric.
This method not only saves the effort associated with washing and ironing but also reduces the need for frequent dry cleaning, saving both time and money in the long run.
Begin the process by gathering the materials you’ll need: a ladder, a vacuum equipped with an upholstery attachment, and hairspray, preferably with an
aerosol can.
Thoroughly vacuum the curtains to remove any existing dust. Then, using a ladder, spritz the curtains evenly with hairspray from a distance to prevent
potential staining.
Hairspray can discolor certain fabrics, so speak with a window treatment professional before application to determine if the method is safe for your specific curtain material.