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What Happens If You Plant Mint And Garlic Next To Each Other
Mint and garlic aren't considered friendly garden mates because they will vigorously compete for water, nutrients, and root space.
Since they’re both invasive, they can quickly take over a garden, leading to crowding, reduced space for root development, and diminished growth and yield for both plants.
The strong odor of garlic can repel certain pests like flea beetles and spider mites, while mint attracts them, thereby reducing the garlic’s capacity to repel pests effectively.
If you want both in your garden, plant them in different areas, use physical barriers like pots or containers to separate them, and place them with their companion plants.
Some companion plants for garlic are tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and kale, while oregano, marigolds, beans, and peas are ideal to plant near mint.