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What Happens If You Put Chlorine In A Saltwater Pool?
Saltwater pools have become very popular in recent years, as they can remove dead skin cells and help users de-stress. While some may think adding chlorine to these pools would ruin their benefits, saltwater pools actually already have a select amount of chlorine to keep the water clean, and you need to be careful when adding more.
Sometimes a saltwater pool's chlorinator doesn't create enough chlorine, so you can add more to prevent the water from becoming cloudy. You can add extra chlorine through calcium hypochlorite, sodium hypochlorite, or chlorine tablets, and while saltwater pools usually have a super-chlorinate option, running the feature too often can hurt the motor.
Swimming in a freshly shocked or over-chlorinated pool can cause lung issues, skin and eye irritations, and increased asthma attacks. If you accidentally over-shock your pool, the excess chlorine should dissipate within two days, and even though chlorine neutralizers can aid this process, too much chlorine can permanently damage the pool liner.