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What Happens If You Put Eggshells Down A Garbage Disposal?
Typically, a garbage disposal can last up to 10 years, and its longevity can be prolonged with proper maintenance, so it’s important to know which items should and shouldn't make their way to the appliance. According to a survey, about 33% of 1,040 people based in the U.S. thought throwing eggshells down the garbage disposal was okay.
Regardless of what a third of Americans think, eggshells should go the way of grease, coffee grounds, and oyster shells, and not be thrown down the drain. Most likely, they will clog up your disposal, which is never a good way to start your day.
Despite what some people think, garbage disposals do not have blades for eggshells to sharpen, but eggshells can surely damage the impellers or create clogs. Instead of throwing them down garbage disposals, you can use them to detract pests or as a garden fertilizer.