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What Happens If You Use A Bottle Of Beer To Clean
Your Grill
Beer can help break down oil and leftover food on your grill due to its alcohol content, but the efficiency and economics of this hack may not match up to standard cleaning agents.
You can either soak a coarse brush in beer before using it to clean your grill, or simply pour the beer directly over a warm grill before scrubbing it with a bristle brush.
Beer contains sugars and yeasts that leave behind a sticky residue and is very attractive to insects. This
may lead to even further build-up of dirt and grime
in your grill zone.
One of the best methods for cleaning a rusty grill is a mix of white vinegar and salt, which is effective and economical. Elbow grease still remains a primary ingredient, though.
Using beer to clean a grill is nifty and offers a makeshift solution. However, sticking to tried-and-true methods might be best for consistent, effective, and hassle-free results.