A woman watering flowers with a can on a sunny day
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What Happens If You Water Your Plants On A Sunny Day
You may have heard that watering your plants on a hot, sunny day can burn the leaves. However, this is just an urban legend, and there is no scientific basis to
support it.
Contrary to popular myth, physics reveals that the idea of water droplets acting like magnifying glasses to focus sunlight and burn the leaves is statistically impossible.
The theory that wet leaves are more likely to burn than dry ones is also not true. In reality, the primary cause of brown or shriveled leaf areas is insufficient water supply.
While watering when the sun is at its peak may lead to rapid evaporation, depriving the roots of essential hydration, the act of watering itself doesn't harm the
plant's leaves.
For healthy growth, it's advised to water plants in the early morning or late evening and direct the water to the roots to ensure effective delivery of hydration.